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A general interest gay magazine is published in Jordan. Same-sex sexual activity was illegal in Jordan under the British Mandate Criminal Code Ordinance untilwhen Jordan adopted its own penal code that did not criminalize homosexuality. When you put an effort into an outfit or so, people realize it and they tell you so, even on the streets? The British Mandate Criminal Code Ordinance criminalized homosexuality with up to 10 years in prison, until when Jordan adopted its own penal code that did not criminalize homosexuality. Busy all days, especially Tue, Wed and weekends. Interesting and the link was much appreciated

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The key to meeting gay Jordanian men is just to be open and friendly.

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LGBT rights in Jordan

They have a pool table, a nice bar, and this album collection hanging on the wall that I like to go through every time. A rough translation of the statement is as follows; " The first clause: All the meeting places we give here are not purely gay; even so, it will immediately be obvious to the visitor who is gay, that all these men are apparently sitting around randomly and waiting for someone. Whilst there may not be a specific statute law banning. What are some great restaurants for a romantic gay date?

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Retrieved 20 January Please can I emphasize again that I was only responding to people who claimed that homosexuality is illegal in Jordan. I like chilling, I like quiet, I'm known with my friends that I like to spend quality time in all the unusual places, night outs, movies, shopping? If he is gay and interested, I have found that most Jordanian gay men are quite direct, especially if you make them feel comfortable. Get Xtra in your inbox. Read our community guidelines.

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