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She wants nothing to do with him but to leave her alone. It appears that he doesn't want to be found and I say that his wishes should be respected. This was partially because of his Sigma Chi rejection due to his sexuality which was rather public to the campus due to his own participation in on campus GLBT organizations. He actually left Harvard without graduating due to a nervous breakdown he suffered in his third year. The guy is very abnormal isn't OK Mentally. As someone up thread mentioned, they turned him into a totally lame Eco warrior kind of kid. The Rock- Be Cool 5.

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It's such a waste of a good performance, and the cross-cut scene where he has a breakdown alone in his squat imagining his mother figure deflowering his crush is even more gutwrenching for the fact.

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Jonathan Taylor Thomas

He used to post often. He is no Chandler Abit Massey!!!! It doesn't feel to good. I bet he forces fags like me to worship him. Just search for his name on the homepage. Poor guy, he also likes to wear boxer briefs alot to it depends on what he's doing that day. I suppose he continue to try to hang on to what is left of his fleeting fame, like many former child stars, but his days as a big star are over.

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As someone said earlier, you are an embarrassment to the queer community, which I proudly count myself as being part of. The happiness that I hope for Jonathan would be fitting for all the years of tv and movie enjoyment he has given me. The whole thing started on this Web site called Cyber Sleaze, which should probably tell you something. I guess that's what he wanted. For those of you who have made homophobic comments, please exclude yourselves from society at your earliest convenience. He's a great kisser, so tite down there.

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