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Though she had not written it, Wilson loved the song from the start. Grunge had taken a firm hold on music by this time, and combined with the lack of big hits the album peaked at only on the Billboard charts. But they also clearly had a new look for the this album. In our case in it was a long time ago when we started. You can find a collection of items related to Nancy Wilson right here.

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The album peaked at number 5 in the charts.

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Nancy Wilson (rock musician)

Heart still managed to create a somewhat impressive "Heart" album but it just didn't have the power of older albums. This article is about the guitarist of Heart. I do really love myself some Heart and can't resist listening to them any chance I get. Leese was the band's first new member, and subsequently became its longest active member, after Nancy and Annplaying with the group for a total of 24 years. Wilson felt some guilt over the event, but "it lit a bonfire under us because we saw for the first time that what we did on stage could have an impact on an audience.

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The song was on the Footloose soundtrack. Rock music has become full-fledged in America to its fruition - when moments like that are shared by the world it is a cool thing. Heart had found a new new audience and had a hugely successful album with "Heart. Is there a Nancy Wilson action figure? Drag and drop boxes to rearrange!

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