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Mykonos Hotel Location Suggestions 2: This is where all the magic begins. The burgeoning growth of gay tourism to Mykonos has brought about a sea change in the attitude of the booming hospitality sector of Mykonos. Where fun has a NEW meaning. It is more difficult to avoid gays in New York than Mykonos! We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience, analyze site traffic, personalize content, and serve targeted advertisements. She had seen it all before!

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He sold his ranch, left South Africa and moved to Mykonos, where he bought several horses, stables and a modest house and has been taking visitors on horseback treks on the island ever since.

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The Ultimate Gay Destination: The Greek Island of Mykonos -- A Personal Story

It is more difficult to avoid gays in New York than Mykonos! His ramshackle house and stables were atop a craggy hill, and I met and patted his horses and shyly told him that I had this strange intuition that the island wouldn't let me go. Many beautiful faces, many smiles. At night on Mykonos, I had dreamed of sad pipe music that was haunting. I hear a lot of gay people go to Mykonos, where should we stay as we want to avoid them?

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I had recently lost a friend and was heartbroken, but hearing David's story was humbling. This area of Mykonos is vibrant and always buzzing with activity. By far the best place to begin a Mykonos-by-Night tour is from the watery neighborhood of Little Venice. Our team works hard to make sure that XLSIOR is not just about its astonishing music, nor its breathtaking venues, neither its hottest crowd. I stumbled into this affection not only because of his ruggedly handsome face and twinkling eyes but because of his openness and unbridled honesty when he told me -- a stranger -- his amazing, sad story.

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