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I also agree that as the younger membership increases discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, and the such will be all but stamped out, as it needs to be. This site uses cookies. Wonderful take on the craft i love so much! Thanks for ur prompt response. Reblogged this on Ed Bell and commented: You must first express interest.

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I find that all around me I have been duped all my life.

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Charles D. Mason

And if these are not rediscovered, the United States will fall to the way side, just as others has. A bit of pretending with charity is always interesting, then so was Jimmy Saville. I have always tried to be the man i wished to see in others, and after learning what I have, it would be an honor to be amongst brothers to participate in creating a better world by helping people better themselves. The craft is not for everyone. Much like a lodge. With your permission, I will share it with our brothers here in Israel. The organization is known for secrecy, but it's having an increasingly public dispute:

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Have a good one, and keep reinforcing the true nature of the craft. My number is The true power of life is friendships and bonds you have with individuals. Rather than helping each other grow better, many used their brotherhood to help each other grow richer. Only the Founding Fathers of the United States, did things actually begin to take place for humans, mainly Caucasian men, began to treat each other as brother rather than races and genders. You must be a man although there are Masonic-related women's groups You have to be at least the minimum age usually You need to believe in a Supreme Being You need to be able to support yourself and your family You must come to Freemasonry of your "own free will and accord" You also have to be proactive in seeking out a member or a lodge near you and contacting them. Please email me or reply here.

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