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Philadelphia - the "City of Brotherly Love" and the first destination in the world to create and air a television commercial specifically geared towards LGBT Tourism, with a slogan "Get your history straight and your nightlife gay. Around 1 million people. Villages by an Emerald Sea: For the current and past issues of the Annual Report, click here. Its headquarters are in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In some countries where homosexuality is legal it doesn't necessarily mean the country is completely tolerant to gays.

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The colorful city of Nice is a popular destination along the French Riviera and for the third year in a row, hosted the OVNi Festival, which collaborated with international artists to exhibit video-art works in hotels, cultural spaces and other unique venues throughout the city.

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The Complete Travel Detective Bible: Amsterdam, The Netherlands; 5. Characterized by openness, creativity and vibrant interaction, this is one of the most diverse areas of the trade show. For travelers who wish to marry their partners, same-sex marriages are performed in many countries around the world. Six couples submitted written oaths to show they are life partners and received partnership certificates from Chiba Mayor Toshihito Kumagai. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Chile [ edit ] Santiago - Santiago is by far Chile's least conservative city, the only one where the 'Gay parade' and similar events are held.

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The website has over 10, pages and gets over 30 million page views per year. The parade gathered 0. Key West - the southernmost point of the US is also a famously liberal vacation spot with many options for LGBT travellers Miami Beach - a glitzy and very queer-friendly beach resort that is also home to the annual White Party Ocean GroveNew Jersey - known as Gods Square Mile, The Methodist resort is now a vacation resort and home to a a diverse group of people. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Windy City Magazine Group. Gay travel destinations are often large cities, although not exclusively, and often coincide with the existence of gay neighborhoods. For Latin and Spanish speaking visitors or their admirers Jackson Heights, Queens with bars and discos is only a subway or taxi ride away.

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