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I do own this plot, and I do own theenjoyment I got out of watching the movie!!! Now, reassured, it was so easy to admit he liked the kid, he liked thinking about the kid, and he liked what he was thinking about the kid. Diesel's character is a Navy S. Shane's face twisted in disgust, but he was secretly enjoying it. He saw how he sat at the edge, swinging his legs and leaning on his hands behind his back. Shane gasped, his hand flying towards his mouth. And it must be something very hard for the boy to act all, as Lulu said, 'OOC' and weak and crying and stuff.

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Shane reveals his hidden past.

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The Pacifier

Oh how he loved his shoulder; lovely and tasty, young and sweaty from all the training. I've just figured it out! At least in this movie A director with a lick of talent would have picked up on the problems with Diesel's performance and helped him improve it. They slid out the window together, to start kissing passionately in the rain on the hood of the family's minivan. Grinning, Shane put Seth's arms around his neck and proceeded to teach how to kiss, thoroughly. He has zero personality and looks as if he's not even sure why he's in this film.

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It'll help if ya get out of your mind what's troubling you. And what Shane said next certainly didn't help. Zoe is older than me, she should have been 'Red 1', so? Nice lady, but too skittish for my taste…". They had to keep it "family friendly"! And if he does, then HE is the ass, and I'll be right there to protect you, eh, Seth?

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