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To put this into perspective, We wrote for over two year, I visited him once and got an odd feeling from him. We are gay, but definitely not stupid! I am by far not a expert, but I keep on reading about ppl being used. But they dont in my opinion. Originally Posted by Tjames Ash by Malinda Lo A retelling of Cinderella where Ash is actually bisexual, never falls for the prince, and has to choose between an elf prince and the mysterious huntress.

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I understand why some would want this and I personally would support something like this - however - now as a PTO Admin, I will give the PTO stand on something like this

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Originally Posted by Tjames85 I understand where you are coming from but things are as simple as stop the bad guys. I need an older guy who will keep me inline and help me experience new things. Of these, 3 guys have been only one visit because I found them to be completely different in person than in their letters.

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They may pass on your address or write you again at another time to see if you have warmed up to sending money and they butter you up with words all over again.

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